Currently I am working on two projects (described below). I have also been working on publishing papers in Computer Science Education and Learning Interfaces and you can find my publications here.

Computer Science Education Outreach: Dr. Beth Simon has been a piloter for the new AP CS Principles course at UCSD. During the 2010-2011 academic year I aided her in creating a course for non-CS majors to learn computational thinking and communication. Through this, not only have I helped with curriculum for UCSD, but I have also help pilot the courses in local high schools. I have also been involved in helping local high school teachers learn the course and how it is taught. I am expanding from this project and teaching younger students (8-9th graders) in Oakhurst California a similar curriculum. This project is very inspiring and engaging and I can't wait to see more high schools offering computer science in the future.

CodeSpells: A 3D Interactive Video Game to Teach Programming: Along with my labmate Stephen R. Foster and my advisor Bill Griswold I am working on a video game to teach programming. We are building on the metaphor that code is spells and programmers are magicians. Often times people consider programming to be magical, through this metaphor we hope to make that consideration an approachable medium. You can see updates on this project here.