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Around the World!

posted Jan 17, 2014, 10:28 PM by Sarah Guthals   [ updated Jan 17, 2014, 10:34 PM ]
Recently I have done a lot of traveling! See some of the places I went to in 2013!

Stephen, Lindsey and I had a great New Years! Little did we know, just a year later we would be running ThoughtSTEM all around San Diego!

We had an awesome ThoughtSTEM Workshop where our students competed in programming challenges!

March (Get Ready...March was BUSY!):
ThoughtSTEM did an Expanding Your Horizons Workshop where we had middle-school girls programming in an hour!

I also went to Denver and gave a talk on my CodeSpells paper at SIGCSE!

I also got my Master's Degree!

My sister also got an Award for Aspirations in Computing:

And I reconnected with my biological Dad! (POPI!)

And ThoughtSTEM participated in the San Diego Science Festival at PETCO Park with Raytheon!

Johnny and Lovelyn had a baby shower:

And I got to go to the Zoo and Wild Animal Park!

And finally....ThoughtSTEM had an awesome retreat at Anza Borrego!

In April I took my mom and sister to Disneyland and we stayed in the Disney Hotel!
We saw princesses:

And Peter too!

And mom found her knight in shinning armor!

We had a blast together watching Fantasmic from SPECIAL seats too! (WITH SPECIAL SNACKS!)

Family-Disney is the Best...we even rode the last ride at midnight! (Momma always delivers the best :D)

Then Momma had to go in to get that cancer out of her leg...but we tried to make it as fun as possible!

And ThoughtSTEM continued to hold workshops!

And we got on the UCSD Homepage!

And I started CodeSpells research in the classroom!

Stephen and I won Best Poster in Computer Science at the UCSD Jacobs's Engineering Poster Fair!

And we went to PARIS!
This was of course for CHI...

But that doesn't mean we couldn't have a little fun...

And definitely doesn't mean we couldn't go to Disneyland (in PARIS!)

Stay on vineyards...

And visit REAL castles!

Then I got to go to Google IO!

And Melayah was born!

And Adrian and I got to see The Presidents of the United States of America in concert!

So many people graduated!

Mom got her Portal:

And of course there was camping:

I also won the Pitch Competition at the GooglePlex held by Latism/Latino2!!

And I got highlights for the first time!

We went to London!

And found the Difference Engine!

I went to Berkeley:

And even though I wasn't there, mom had a good birthday :)

My sister got into UW!

And ICER was a blast!

I got to hangout with my cousins!!!!!

I got to see the Backstreet Boys in Concert!

And Adrian had a nice birthday :)

I went to New York for Latinos in Computing Conference!

And I went to Minneapolis for Grace Hopper and got to see family!
And started I-Corps in Atlanta!

Don't forget ThoughtSTEM Workshops were still going on!

A quick trip back to London for Mozfest:

And then a Disney Trip for Halloween!

And one more trip to the Wild Animal Park!

It was my birthday! And my sister got me a surprise!

Adrian got me a fanny pack!

I got to take a hike at Torrey Pines

And I got Buffalo Wild Wings with my Momma!

Liz Graduated!!!!! And we had a great evening out with her!

And we had an AWESOME Thanksgiving!

I got to cut down my own Christmas Tree!

We graduated I-Corps!

And I got my hair colored for the first time!

I proposed my thesis and got my C.Phil Degree!

ThoughtSTEM was highlighted in UCSD's Pulse Magazine

And we were on TV to highlight our camps at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center!

And you can't forget all the beauty and love in my life!

It was a long year...but man was it awesome!