Day 3: Cortisone Shot

posted Oct 28, 2014, 7:51 PM by Sarah Guthals   [ updated Oct 28, 2014, 7:53 PM ]
Well, today I got my cortisone shot. 

Let's start from the morning though:
Breakfast: Two eggs with a tiny bit of salt and a glass of water
I rolled out my ankle on the Trigger Point Therapy tools

Went to school and had a large black/mint tea with no milk or sugar.

Then I went to Round Table and had 6 chicken wings (non-breaded) and a garden salad with ranch (no croutons). Also had water with this meal.

Then I had an apple and a bottle of water.

I worked at my computer from about 11am to 2:30pm, with lunch in between for about 1 hour.

I then went to the doctor for my cortisone shot. I asked about my other ailments and he said I should see a rheumatologist and gave me a recommendation on who to see.

The cortisone shot HURT. When he first gave it to me, it didn't hurt, but then a dull, strong pain shot throughout my entire leg and I still feel that pain...also my whole body just feels painful and tired.

When I got home I ate a banana, left over gluten free pasta and had some water.

I worked for a couple hours and then I had dinner (left over gluten free fried chicken and salad with ranch). 

I had a couple more glasses of water.

I'm also going to bed fairly early tonight. 

Tomorrow is gym day, though if I feel like I do today, I will probably just go for a short swim and then spend a while in the sauna :)

I also talked with my good friend Andy, who suggested some great books I plan on looking into:
For Gluten Free Diets:

On putting you body first, especially after a PhD...

The 2-Volume Trigger Point Manual:

On Whole Body:

I'm definitely checking these out :)