Day 2: Maybe I'm sick?

posted Oct 27, 2014, 10:44 PM by Sarah Guthals
This morning I woke up with a headache. I hate waking up to headaches :(

I rolled out my leg a bit, ate a bowl of oatmeal/coconut and a power bar, and went to the gym.

I worked out hard with my personal trainer: Mike Kallal. Towards the end of my workout I got a bit light-headed, and had to slow down. I don't think I ate enough. Next time I will eat eggs.

When I got home I just relaxed a bit, then I ate a big salad (romaine, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, carrots, ranch) and drank some water. 

My right side is still hurting. My right hand/wrist is visibly swollen and my right foot, ankle, knee, shoulder, hand, wrist, all hurt.

I finished the day by eating some cheese and bananas as snacks, and having Gluten Free Quinoa Pasta (with tomatoes, basil and parmesan) and Gluten Free Fried Chicken (with Quinoa based flour). 

I'm also having an after-dinner snack of white-corn popcorn popped using a hot-air popper (no oil).

I rolled out some more and have drank a lot of water. I also had a glass of black cherry juice. 

I also took Excedrin and Alleve and I am still in quite a bit of pain. 

I'm tired, but have to finish one thing before I can head to bed. I will be able to sleep in a bit tomorrow though, so it should be ok.

I also have a bit of a stomach ache..maybe I really am sick?