Day 1: Goodness my body hurts

posted Oct 26, 2014, 5:48 PM by Sarah Guthals
My body hurts, it's been hurting, and it's about time I do something to make it feel better. 

These blog entries won't be very long, however they will hopefully help me keep track of the changes I'm making in my life to better my body. 

First: What's wrong
My head hurts, often. I get migraines, I get sinus headaches, I get neck/head pains. It just hurts. Migraines feel like a metal helmet that is slightly too tight and way too heavy. To alleviate the pain, I usually take two Excedrin Migraine. If I take them right as the headache is starting, then the pain doesn't get too bad and I just smell blood for a couple hours. If I take them too late, or don't take them at all, then my head hurts for 10-30 hours and the only thing that helps is sleep and distractions. I also get pain in my jaws, most likely because I grind at night.

My shoulders just have extremely tight muscles with big lumps in them. Something that often helps is using a baseball. I put the ball in a sock, and put it between my back and a wall. I lean on it and breathe through the pain. Then I move the ball up. I go from my mid back to my neck and on my shoulders on one side, then I do the other side. It's good to also to the front. If I don't do this, then it just hurts, but it is something that I have had for years.

My hands are in pain often. I have pain in my thumbs and in the muscles right below my thumbs. They sometimes swell. I also get pain in the pinky side of my hands and the pain radiates on my inner and outer parts of my arms all the way to my elbows. I also get swollen knuckles on my fingers. To fix this pain, I try just moving my hands around and then wearing a brace that keeps my thumb in place.

My back hurts often, I explained my upper back in the Shoulders section, but my lower back also often hurts. I have two fractured disks in my lower back, though I don't think they have caused me trouble since I stopped gymnastics (when I was about 6). Lately the pain has been in my lower back and hips. I get intense pain in my waist/hips and sometimes they spaz out. To help this, I try rolling out on a foam roller or a pvc roller. I also try stretching forward (since I have a naturally curved spine, I don't often bend it the other way).

My knees have intense pain. It hurts to walk up or down stairs and I cannot put pressure on them when bending or straightening them. My right knee is often worse than my left knee and will hurt even when at a rested position. To help this, I try rolling out around my knee, and putting icy-hot like substances. I have also been trying mud and  Alleve to help with swelling.

My ankles don't hurt often, but sometimes my ankles and toes swell and begin to hurt. I don't do much to help with this.

Overall, I have been feeling pretty horrible. Some things to try to help that I will be doing:
The doctor said to take meds for migraines. (Done)
The dentist said to switch to Sensodyne for grinding. (Done)
The rolfer suggested the baseball for my back and shoulders. (Need to do more often)
The doctor said to wear the braces for my hands, that it was arthritis. (Done)
The doctor said my patella tendon looks frayed, so I will be getting cortizone on Tuesday.

I also plan on taking a more natural approach to solving these problems:
I'm going to do the ALCAT test for food sensitivities.
I'm going to try eating Gluten Free and Sugar Free. 
I'm going to make sure I sleep 8 hours a night.
I'm going to roll out in the mornings and evenings.
I'm going to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. 

Today, all of the pains above are hurting. All of them. This has been a horrible weekend. 

Here are the steps I have taken today to help:
1. I slept 9 hours last night.
2. I woke up and rolled out.
3. I ate breakfast (two eggs).
4. I tried just relaxing.
5. I ate lunch (Ceasar salad).
6. I took a nap.
7. I ate a snack (carrots and tomatoes).
8. I rolled out.
9. I am relaxing. 
10. I need to eat dinner, then sleep.

Here's to one step closer to becoming healthy!